What have our brave boys in blue been up to?

Well, locally, as ever they seem to be focused on harassing the youth. Whether its snooping on them with their CCTV van or moving them along from their hang­ out spots. Its very worrying when these young people are talked about as ‘perpetrators’ who are somehow an ‘other’ to residents. Lets not forget that these young people live here too.

In other news, Nottinghamshire Chief Constable Chris Eyre admits that the Police are not doing enough to challenge racism within the Force, “The Police Service as a whole needs to do more to recruit people from a range of different backgrounds to ensure policing accurately reflects the communities we serve.” If only it were that simple. Unfortunately we see ongoing proof that Nottinghamshire Police are an institution rotten to their core, with internal racism normal and unfair policing rife. In 2010 Nottinghamshire Police was named the worst performing force in England and Wales. While back in May the Sunday Times reported that Nottinghamshire Police had been attempting to solve crimes by “rounding up the ‘usual suspects’ without any evidence.” This behaviour has become standard particularly with the rise of ‘stop­and­search’ powers used by the police, which seems to be used against anyone for any reason, but is regularly used to terrorise black and asian youth in our communities.

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