1) Building Community Solidarity – We live here together. We need to get better at looking after and defending one another.

2) Dismantling Privilege – Because of race, gender and class systems some of us have had more advantages than others. If we are to trust one another we cannot use these advantages carelessly.

3) Self Defence – As a community, we should be able to protect ourselves in whatever way we see fit.

4) Direct Action – We can directly influence our lives in many ways, we do not need to ask permission.

5) Everyday Resistance – Our struggles are in our daily lives. As we find food, shelter and care for ourselves this is the beginning point of our resistance.

6) Collective Action – We are far stronger when we fight together then when we are alone.

7) Building Capacity and Mutual Aid – We aim to support each other when we need each other and teach other the skills to support ourselves.

8) Horizontalism – We don’t want the same people telling us what to do over and over again. We want to work as equals as best we can.