About us

Who is the Robin Hood Solidarity Group?
We are a group of Forest Fields residents who are tired of feeling isolated within our community and powerless over our lives. Living in Forest Fields means we all have some things in common. We share the same streets, buy our food from the same shops, often have the same landlords or work in similar jobs. This means that we often suffer from similar problems, such as debt, poor housing or unemployment. But we often face these problems alone, even though our neighbours may have the same worries. The police and the council pay lip service to consulting the community, which reflects little consideration for our actual needs or wants, and results in top-down solutions to the problems they perceive we face in our neighbourhood. We believe there is an alternative to this. We believe that to come up with solutions to the problems we face in our everyday lives, we need to work together as a community to support each other and take control of our lives. The Robin hood Solidarity Group is open to anyone who feels like this.

What we do
We will begin running a weekly drop-in session every Tuesday 10am – 2pm at Forest Fields Advice Centre from 7th January 2014, offering group and one-on-one problem sharing and practical problem solving sessions on the issues that affect us in our daily lives (whether that’s to do with debt, landlords, benefits, employment, stop and search, or whatever else). We offer information and problem solving if we can and if not we’ll point you towards helpful groups in Nottingham and elsewhere who can.

We’re also publishing a monthly newsletter which will be distributed door to door. Some articles will also appear on this blog. If you’ve got an article you’d like to see published or an idea for a story you can contact us at info@robinhoodsolidarity.org.uk.